Residential Construction In Cleveland Ohio

Kitchen Remodel

Residential Construction in Cleveland OH

Would you like to reimagine your living space? Maybe you would have different cabinets or counters? Maybe new flooring? Or maybe you would like to move a wall or more?

We will help you pick from the finest available materials and add them in a way that really brings a new life to your living space.

Often times you’ll hear of those who have had bad experiences with residential remodeling or construction projects. We work with you to make sure that all timelines and pricing are made aware up front. Also, there will be no corners cut either. We take pride in the work that we do. That way it ensures that your residential construction project goes according to plan.

Direct Construction has about 20 years experience with construction projects in the Cleveland area. We are an A+ Rated Business with the BBB.

Rein-vision Your Home With Our Experienced

Invest In Your Property

Often times people don’t realize that a home remodeling project can increase the value of your home. So, a remodeling project is actually a great way to boost your living investment. Not only that it can provide you with more enjoyment by giving you the home can have fun living in.

Need A Bigger Place?

Moving can be a real pain. But, as families grow you find yourself running out of space. Have you thought of adding on to your existing home? It can often be much more affordable than buying a new home. And you can possibly use your existing equity in your home to finance the remodel project. You can add new walls, new rooms, or several rooms even. Make your house you live in now grow to fit your family.

Create New Living Areas

Do you enjoy having friends and family over? Add a new entertainment area into your residential construction project. By adding a media room, billiards room, game room, family room, or whatever you can dream up it will add to the enjoyment of your home.

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